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Why using natural ingredient? Is it safe?  

With the discovery of many natural botanicals as having effective therapeutic and medicinal properties used in herbal medication for centuries, many have found their way in pharmaceutically formulated drugs and food supplements promising parallel health benefits to a number of body ailments and conditions.  


Controlling weight gain or inducing weight loss in obese persons is one such area where naturally formulated diet pills and supplements have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry worldwide.


These natural ingredients are harnessed to do at least any of the three or a combination of methods in reducing body weight – appetite suppression, improved fat metabolism and fat/carb inhibition. They are over-the-counter weight loss solutions that do not require FDA approval, unless disturbing side effects are reported.  


Virtually none of them have undergone clinical trials on humans to verify or independently confirm their weight loss efficacy, proper dosage and safety so that their current use by millions worldwide effectively serves as a trial.  Some have been banned after a preponderance of reports from users who suffer severe side effects.

Natural Weight Loss Ingredient Reviews

Hoodia Gordonii

The Hoodia Gordonii cactus plan from South Africa has become the leader among natural botanicals used in diet supplements advertised as appetite suppressants to treat obesity. The nomadic Bushmen of the Kalahari deserts consume the Hoodia plant for centuries to suppress appetite and thirst in long journeys or hunting escapades and this has not escaped pharmaceutical companies from formulating weight loss appetite suppressants with Hoodia as its active ingredient.



Green Tea

The Green tea leaf contains powerful antioxidants that when used with caffeine in a tea preparation is known to lower cholesterol levels as well as enhance overall health. It enhances body resistance and stamina to undertake a more rigorous exercise regimen to burn off more body fat than without it.



Acai Berry

Like most berries, the freeze-dried Acai berry contains antioxidant properties as well as Resveratrol substances that are known to reduce cholesterol levels. They also contain chemicals that increase fat metabolism and energy levels that help you do more strenuous exercises, and thus, give you more room for weight less activities.  



Maqui Berry

More potent than the Acai berry, the freeze-dried Maqui berry contains higher levels of polyphenolic chemicals with anti-oxidative properties that reduce cholesterol levels while increasing your energy levels to sustain a more vigorous busy lifestyle that can burn off more fat than without it.



Caralluma Fimbriata

Another succulent cactus like the Hoodia, the Caralluma Fimbriata has been used by the ancient rural folks from India to suppress hunger and thirst during long hunting sojourns and is known throughout the country as a “famine food.”  It also figures in diet pills and supplements that promise weight loss by reducing hunger pangs.




Resveratrol is the substance found in red wines that accounted for the French Paradox where the French lived healthier lives with fewer incidences of cardiovascular diseases despite consuming the same levels of high fat diets that have been felling obese Americans.


It’s another polyphenolic substance that has achieved cult following as a miracle drug of the 21st century. Weight loss benefits are just one of them. Similar to the action of the other antioxidants, Resveratrol not acts to increase fat metabolism at the cellular level but also mimics calorie deprivation by increasing fat metabolism.



Bitter Orange

Bitter orange extracts from the peel of certain types of citrus fruits have figured prominently as a replacement to the banned Ephedra in many weight loss solutions that promise increased fat metabolism. It also contains antioxidant chemicals that increase body resistance and energy levels similar to what other antioxidant diet supplements have.



Goji Berry

The Goji berry acts like other berry plants with its anti-oxidative chemicals to reduce cholesterol levels and improve stamina. But it also has other nutrients like Thiamin that inhibits fat deposits, chromium that regulates sugar levels and polysaccharides that stimulate muscle growth.



Ephedra (ma-huang)

The extracts from the Ephedra shrub has been traditionally used to treat heart and lung-related ailments but have found its way as an effective fat-burning ingredient together with caffeine extracts in weight loss pills. The FDA has banned this drug since 2003 after receiving so many complaints from consumers about its severe side effects culminating in the death of a famous major league player Steve Bechler due to heart attack after taking the substance to reduce weight.



Country Mallow (heartleaf)

The country mallow scientifically known as Sida Cordifolia, or more indigenously known as Bala, is an Ayurvedic herb that grows in tropical and sub-tropical South Asian plains of India.




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