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Acai Berry Reviews

What is Acai Berry?

The Acai Berry is a black-purple drupe fruit of a palm tree species in the genus Euterpe and grown and harvested for their fruits and palm buds. It looks like a grape and grows in branched panicles of up to 900 berry fruits per palm tree. The berries are currently harvested in the Amazon regions of Brazil where the people in the northern state of Para Brazil as well as southern regions have traditionally served the Acai berries as a beverage or desert ingredient.


Recently, healthcare companies have been marketing food supplements, diet tablets, smoothies and instant juice powders containing the Acai Berry extracts with claims of boosting stamina and sexual drive, enhanced digestion as well as reduce cholesterol levels.


In 2008, Bloomberg reported that uncontrolled harvesting of the fruit as a result of its increasing popularity in the US has depleted much of the Brazilian people’s protein-rich diet from natural acai berries.  



How Acai Berry Work For Weight Loss?

The Acai berry plant analyzed in vitro has revealed its polyphenolic and antioxidant properties to be lower than those in many fruits like mango, grapes and strawberries that figured in the comparative study. It’s about the same as in cranberry and black cherry and higher than orange and apple. Freeze dried Acai berries had the best anti-oxidative properties as well has inhibitory effects on certain enzyme – properties which reduce blood level of non-high density cholesterol in lab rats taking high fat diet.


However, as a weight loss supplement, anti-oxidants have not been shown to promote weight reduction, and acai berry’s properties hardly contribute to the effort as no lab tests indicated any promise in that direction, other than incrementally reducing cholesterol levels.  



Is Acai Berry Safe?

Without the benefit of extensive clinical trials on human subjects, neither the efficacies of its claimed health and weight loss promises nor any unwanted side effects can be ascertained. If naturally extracted and freeze dried, acai berry food supplements should be as safe as consuming the plant fruit itself which native Brazilians have been doing for years without no recorded ill-effects.  


But still, consulting with your doctor is remains a prudent course before taking any over-the-counter drug or supplement, especially if you are pregnant or nursing, have any diabetic, hypertensive or heart condition, have a history of allergic reaction to both natural and artificial substances,  or are taking any medication that could cause complication.






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