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Appetite Suppressants Review

What Are Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite suppressants, medically termed as anorectics, are diet supplements and drugs that have properties to inhibit hunger and thus, reduce food consumption in various degrees to cause weight loss. Most current anorectics claim to contain only 100% natural ingredients extracted from known botanicals used in herbal medicine for centuries.  


They include green tea and Hoodia plant extracts and Caralluma Fimbriata used by Indian nomads for centuries to control hunger. Some come from seaweed extracts like fucoxanthin while others are derived from amphetamine sources.



How Do Appetite Suppressants Work For Weight Loss?

Appetite is often triggered by our circadian rhythms or body clock that tells us instinctively that it’s time to eat, breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Appetite suppressants works to mess up the rhythm, stimulating the stomach neurosensors to tell the brain that it’s still full, so no need to eat. Hunger pangs, on the other hand, are triggered when the stomach starts to secrete gastric juices that irritate the inner stomach muscles to alert us it’s time to eat.  


Appetite suppressants also work to neutralize, inhibit or delay the gastric juices from coming out so you don’t feel hungry.



Are Appetite Suppressants Good?

Here’s a sampling of what users say about appetite suppressants:


From Ginger, Ohio:   

“Ever since I’ve started taking green tea, I noticed I wasn’t feeling as much hunger pangs as before. I shifted to green tea more for its anti-oxidant anti-aging health promises. I accidentally found, it helped control my food intake and I am now about 5 lbs lighter than when I started.”


From Stephanie, Minnesota:   

“Better than fat burners or fat blockers, there’s nothing to burn or block as I am taking less food than I used to. Appetite suppressants really work.”


From Wilbur, Ontario:  

“I’ve been on a low-fat diet since I started my weight loss regimen and taking this appetite suppressant diet pills helped me a lot. Now, I don’t have to suffer those bland tasteless foods that my dietician is prescribing. I just eat one heavy brunch that I really like, then a light snack later in the day. I haven’t gained a single ounce since I started 2 months back.”



Are Appetite Suppressants Safe?

Appetite suppressants are not new and have been around since the late 50s.


Pharmaceutical anorectic drugs in its early days have caused serous side effects like pulmonary hypertension and heart valve damage like the Aminorex of the 60s and the Fenfluramine(known as Pondimin, Ponderax and Adifax) of the 90s.


As late as 2000, Phenylpropanloamine(PPA; Accutrim, Dexatrim) had been linked to hemorrhagic strokes that the FDA had to request its withdrawal from the markets.


The latest is a ban on Ephedra containing an all-natural substance ephedrine that can cause heart attack, stroke and even death.


Used sparingly or on a short term basis to treat obesity, over-the-counter supplements containing 100% natural appetite suppressing ingredients don’t need FDA approvals and are generally safe.  


Regardless, one should still exercise reasonable caution before taking any of these supplements by consulting with your doctor, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, suffer a chronic heart ailment, have an allergy to artificial and natural drugs, or are taking any prescriptive medication.





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