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It is said that the US has the highest concentration of overweight persons on earth at 64% of the population. This is steadily increasing as it has over the years and by 2015, 75% of the population is projected to be overweight with 41% obese.


As the most powerful and richest nation on earth, this is not surprising as obesity is said to be symptomatic of affluence and profligate food consumption with little or no labor-intensive work or a sedentary lifestyle.



The Health Cost of Affluence

With such a lifestyle comes the cost in terms of about a quarter to half a million deaths every year due to overweight and obesity-relative diseases. Pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare business community are coming out with promised cures for obesity. Read More Managing Obesity Risk



The commerce of weight loss medication is now a multi-billion dollar industry that caters to the growing number of overweight and obese persons wanting to get a hold of their weight problems. You only need to Google search online to witness millions of pages of health websites offering myriads of slimming products, drugs and supplements.  


But the question foremost in every dieter’s mind is “are they safe and effective?


The problem is that you often can’t get both. Some diet supplements may be safe but hardly effective. And there are many that are effective, but cause all sorts of adverse side effects to the point that the FDA has banned them.


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Diet Pills Function

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Weight Loss Surgery

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