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Bitter Orange Reviews

What Is Bitter Orange?

The name bitter orange is more commonly used to refer to sour orange, Seville orange, marmalade orange and bigarade orange which belong to the citrus group with the scientific name Citrus aurantium and its fruits.


For centuries, bitter orange has been a favorite in herbal medicine among the Chinese and peoples in the Amazon rainforests not only to treat indigestion, nausea, constipation and other digestive ailments. Its flowers are widely used in folk medicines to treat belly ailments and other health problems like insomnia, nervousness, sore throat, poor appetite and obesity.

It is used today as an active ingredient that replaced the banned drug Ephedra as a weight loss ingredient in a number of naturally formulated diet supplements. But while Ephedra suppresses appetite, bitter orange has been used in folk medicine to improve appetite.



How Bitter Orange Works For Weight Loss?

Bitter orange, particularly its peel extracts figure prominently as a weight loss food supplement that has gained popularity as a substitute to the banned FDA-banned Ephedra. Its promised medicinal values actually comes from its flowers and fruit peels which contain flavones and carotenoids as well as N-methyltyramine that are believed to stimulate metabolic rates that increase the body’s ability to burn calories.  


Hence, you can lose weight from it. Its antioxidant carotenoids can help increase stamina to take on a more rigorous exercise regimen that can aid in weight loss. But there are not enough scientific tests or clinical trials on humans to independently verify its promise as having weight loss efficacy or to any of its promised health benefits.  



Is Bitter Orange Safe?

In Chinese herbal medicine, bitter orange is often blended with other herbs to achieve its appetite suppressing effects and never on its own. This may account for the many reported side effects of bitter orange in weight loss supplements which contain bitter orange as its sole active ingredient.


It contains synephrine similar to the chemical that acts like ephedrine in the banned drug Ephedra to stimulate adrenergic receptors to restrict blood flow to raise blood pressure linked to strokes and heart attacks. It is therefore not recommend for people suffering hypertension or any heart disease.


Reported cases of Ephedra-like side effects that include strokes, ischemic colitis and angina have been linked to bitter orange supplements consumption. It is important to remember that no clinical trials on the substance exist to independently confirm its safety in the current doses in effecting appetite suppression.


There is also no evidence to indicate that bitter orange is safer than Ephedra. To be safe and sure, it’s prudent for prospective users to consult with their doctors before taking this or any over-the-counter medication or supplement.


This becomes imperative if you are pregnant or nursing, have any history of allergies to artificial or natural substances, suffer any chronic health problem, or are receiving any prescriptive medication that could potentially cause complications.





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