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Discount Code Revealed


Proactol Plus is available online. Learn more about it and place your orders at its website at www.proactolplus.com.


Payment Method:

All major credit cards are accepted and you can order by PayPal, by bank transfer, by Epassporte  ,by phone using its 1-800 number or by mail as well.



The site offers free shipping for orders of 2-month supply and above via DHL, UPS or Royal mail.


Original Price Package:

Proactol comes in a number of supply packages priced and discounted with free bonuses the higher the supply order gets.


The basic 1 month package for a bottle containing 120 pills costs $79.95 with a $20.04 savings

The 2 month supply costs $148.95 with a $51.03 savings.

3 months package: $180.95, savings of $289.01

4-months package: $228.95, savings of $541

5 months package: $268.95, savings of $660

6 months package: $298.95, savings of $791

8 months package: $368.95, savings of $978.96

12 months package: $$498.95, savings of $1220.92

Note: Price listed above is before use of discount coupon code!


Where To Buy Proactol Plus™?


From the 3 months package and above, you get exclusive membership access to online aerobic videos as well as a FREE box of Pure Acai Berry worth $69.99.  


Orders starting at 4 months supply get you a 1-year free subscription to Home-WeightLoss.com fitness program to maximize your weight loss regimen.


The 8 months supply package has the best bonus value as it gives you free weightless products costing $313.5 on top of the preceding bonuses.


Proactol Ltd is so confident about its products that it is covering all purchases with a 180-day 100% money back guarantee. Just use the product for 120 days and if not satisfied after that period, you may return product and get your refund.


Proactol Plus has a number of discount code, make sure that you use the code and get Instant 50 percent off the original price when order Proactol.




Discount Code


Price After Discount



Price Per Box



Free Shipping


1 Month Supply




EXPIR1 (7% Discount)


$79.95 + $20.00







2 Month Supply




EXPIR1 (7% Discount)




Additional Saving $10.00







3 Month Supply




SUMPR1, CEBPR1 (15% Discount)



$180.95 $153.81

Additional Saving $27.34






4 Month Supply



SUMPR1, CEBPR1 (15% Discount)



$228.95  $194.61

Additional Saving $34.34






5 Month Supply



SUMPR1, CEBPR1 (15% Discount)



$268.95  $228.61

Additional Saving $40.34






6 Month Supply



SUMPR1, CEBPR1 (15% Discount)



$298.95 $254.11

Additional Saving $44.84







8 Month Supply



SUMPR1, CEBPR1 (15% Discount)



$368.95 $313.61

Additional Saving $55.34






12 Month Supply




SUMPR1, CEBPR1 (15% Discount)



$498.95 $421.11

Additional Saving $77.84





Proactol Plus™ Discount Code:

Step 1 You have to go to Proactol Plus order page (click here and visit the page)

Step 2 Select your Proactol Plus package(1-12 month supply) and shipping mode.

Step 3 Click the “proceed to next step” button

Step 4 Enter the discount code at “E-Voucher” column which located at the bottom of order page

Step 5 Check you total package price before you submit order



How To Use Discount Code?

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