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Fat Binder Reviews

What Is A Fat Binder?

A fat binder is a chemical substance, usually of fibrous consistency, also referred to as a fat magnet. It works to remove fat prior to being digested in your stomach presumably without side effects. And because the fat gets bound to a substance prior to being absorbed in the stomach, the fat intake won’t get into the bloodstream and subsequently deposited in the body.


The fat intake will get flushed as part of your stool. An increasing number of over-the-counter diet food supplements abound in the market that harnesses this action such as Proactol. Products with Chitosan and Hoodia are also popular fat binding weigh loss supplements.



How Fat Binder Work For Weight Loss?

While eating, or right after eating, fatty foods float inside your stomach. Taking a fat binder as part of you meal, before or after, interacts with the food lipids to bind with them forming a gel surrounding the fatty lipids. This makes them too complex and too large to be absorbed. Neither the stomach nor the small intestines can, and they go straight to your large intestines to be excreted out on your next bowel movement.  


Fat binders are medically termed as lipophilic which means they gather and bind fat lipid molecules.   Once ingested, they are ready to gather 30% or more of the fat you take in with your meals. The fat binding process effectively means no more starvation diet. The process allows you to better manage your weight while still enjoying a more controlled level of the food you love to eat. And without added fat, your body starts to convert your stored fats into energy to keep you going or sustain a more active lifestyle to burn off more stored fats naturally. So you lose weight.



Is Fat Binder Good?

Fat binding often won’t do the weight reduction on its own.  You still need to get a good low fat diet and a reasonable exercise regiment to burn stored fat. Bear in mind that fat binders can only capture about a third of the fat you consume, keeping a low fat diet is still a good practice, not to mention an exercise program. Here’s what some dieters say about fat binders.


From Virgie, Utah:  

“It’s a painless way to diet. After losing 12 pounds on a really strict dieting regimen last year, I just want to take things easy and fat binders are great just to maintain the weight I got without sacrificing much of the foods I love.  Just a little.”


From Sonia, Hawaii”  

“Not for me, I need to lose weight real fast. And that means burning most of my fats as fast as possible. Fat binders are just too slow.”



Is Fat Binder Safe?

Because fat binders only work within the stomach and only a minute 1% to 2% of the fat binders get into the bloodstream, there are no reported side effects.


In addition, most fat binders in food supplements are botanical extracts from herbs that have proven to be safe and effective in indigenous herbal medicines over the centuries.  


Nonetheless, it’s always a prudent move to check with your doctors before taking any, especially if you have a history of allergies to natural or artificial drugs, suffer some health problems or are taking prescriptive medication to address them.





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