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Goji Berry Reviews

What is Goji Berry?

The bright orange Goji berries are the more popular commercial name for Wolfberries that belong to the Lycium labarum species of berry-bruit plants. Native to Chinese, Tibetan and southeastern European regions, they are now marketed worldwide and mostly available in containers and packages in dried desiccated form for public consumption but rarely in their natural form.


Since the start of the 21st century, the Goji berry has attracted worldwide attention for its nutritive and antioxidant health-giving properties that have led to its rapid commercialization as a superfruit that figures in the health food’s multi-billion dollar industry.



How Does Goji Berry Work For Weight Loss?  

Weight loss seldom happens with some form of calorie intake reduction or fat-burning exercise regimen or both. Here are some of the actions that Goji berries can do to help you lose weight:


Goji berries contain B1(Thiamin) essential in converting carbs to energy that a healthy thyroid gland should be doing. A weak thyroid gland promotes weight gain.


They contain high fiber nutrients and chromium that aid in regulating blood sugar levels.


They contain L-arginine and L-glutamine amino acids that stimulate growth hormones and heighten the production of lean muscles.


Goji berries are adaptogens the help increase stamina, strength the heart, improve blood circulation and reduce stress from physical exertion allowing you to sustain your exercise regimen longer and more rigorously to burn unwanted stored fat.


They contain polysaccharides that help reduce lactic acid accumulating in the muscles during exercise and thus, reduce muscle soreness. So you can meet higher exercise demands.


They contain antioxidants that reduce blood glucose and lower cholesterol levels in the body.



Is Goji Berry Safe?

While there have been clinical trials on the Goji berries in a Chinese study published in the Chinese Journal of Oncology back in 1994, this is to confirm its efficacy as an aid to 79 cancer patients that respond better with traditional treatment.But that doesn’t give it anti-carcinogenic properties. In the other health concerns like obesity and weight loss, Goji berries have not benefited from any clinical trials to confirm any dieting benefit or determine if there are side effects.  


Goji berries are mostly available in Chinese herbal shops and online. But they are among the most expensive food supplements around. Little is known about their side effects though reports have been documented that some users suffered some blood-related ailments that ceased after discontinuing taking Goji berry tea. As a prudent action before taking, it’s best to consult with your doctor.





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