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Maqui Berry Reviews

What Is Maqui Berry?

The deep purple maqui berries grow on the "maqui tree”, more scientifically known as Aristotelia chilensis species under the Elaeocarpaceae family that abundantly grows and is consumed by the Mapuches Indians in the Patagonia region in Chile.  


It's medicinal and health properties made it a favorite health food supplement so that its cultivation has now spread around the world in similar climes.  Recent studies have revealed that the fruit contains high levels of polyphenols that has supplanted the acai berry as a more potent antioxidant ingredient in diet supplements. In fact, among all foods, not just fruits, the maqui berry has the highest antioxidant content.  


As the main active ingredient in diet supplements, the maqui berry’s antioxidant properties do not directly cause weight loss for obese persons taking them.  Rather, its anti-oxidative provided nutritional support in any dieting and exercise regimen aimed at reducing weight.  



How Does Maqui Berry Work For Weight Loss?

Weight loss involves burning those fat deposits stored in our adipose muscle tissues which trap toxins released in the digestive process. Breaking down these fat molecules releases the toxins that cause the liver to get overworked in removing them. Taking antioxidants help relieve the liver to get rid of the free radicals that come with released toxins. In short, taking antioxidative food supplements maintains your body’s strength during any fat-burning process.


Food supplements containing maqui berry in the right amounts provide this nutritional support. So do all other food supplements and diet pills with antioxidant ingredients. But it is important to remember that the level of weight loss has no direct relationship with the amount of antioxidants taken. There is no right dosage to fall back on and different individuals tend to respond differently due to their varying genetic make-up. More importantly, there is still no clinical trial on human subjects that can confirm weight loss benefits using antioxidants.



Is Maqui Berry Safe?

Supplements with 100% freeze-dried maqui berry fruit extract would be similar to eating the fruit itself. There have been no side effects reported for taking it as a health food supplement. But being prudent means taking some caution by consulting with your doctor before taking any non-prescriptive drug or food supplement, especially if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, have known allergies to artificial and natural chemicals suffer any chronics medical problem or are taking in prescriptive medication that could react and cause complications.





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