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Metabolism Boosters Review

What Are Metabolism Boosters?

Metabolism boosters figure in many diet supplements to enhance the natural ability of the human body to burn the food calories that we ingest everyday. Metabolism is basically the physiological process of breaking down the complex molecules like fats, carbs and proteins that we ingest in our meals.


These get converted to the energy reserve we need to fuel everything we do. Children have the fastest metablic rates and start to slow down as we age. As a result, people tend to store more of what they eat, instead of getting them metabolized, so they gain weight.  


Metabolism boosters, as the name suggest, artificially improve or increase the metabolic rates to convert carbs and fats we eat or store into heat or energy which make us lose weight.



How Do Metabolism Boosters Work For Weight Loss?

Clinical studies in lab rats have shown that there are certain minerals, polyphenolic (antioxidants) compounds and amino acids that can increase metabolic functions at the cellular and tissue level to help your body’s metabolism more effectively.


Diet supplements claiming to be natural metabolism boosters contain green tea, dietary fibers, animal thyroid and proteins. There have been some lab studies that point to the efficacy of certain compounds to boost the mitochondrial function of cells in lab rats to metabolize fat into energy at the cellular level such as Resveratrol.


The action involves the creation of Sirtuin enzymes that boost metabolic rates. Unfortunately there are still no clinical trials on human subjects to independently confirm similar results at the level of dosage that can be considered beneficial and safe.



Are Metabolism Boosters Good?

Most dieticians and bodybuilders share the opinion that physical activity as simple as walking everyday have more positive effects on your metabolism than most over-the-counter metabolism boosting food supplements.  


If they do, the increase is generally marginal at best and only a lifestyle change has been observed to create dramatic  impact on a person’s metabolism.


Here’s a sample of what some dieticians say about these products:


From Jeremy, New York:   

“I wish I could say they’re effective, but in all my years as a gym instructor with a degree in pharmaceutics, I have to say nothing beats a good exercise program in boosting your metabolism.”


From Cheryl, Washington:   

“Many dieters who take these supplements undergo gym workouts and you can’t tell for sure if their weight loss was due to those metabolism enhancers or the exercises they do.  Until you take them off from either.  Then you realize the exercise is doing it all.  And getting out of the exercise routine gets you back to your overweight condition even as you continue taking these supplements.”



Are Metabolism Boosters Safe?

Metabolism boosters using animal thyroid ingredients have been reported to elicit some nasty side effects like excessive sweating, nervousness, diarrhea and palpitations to mention some.  


On the other hand, metabolism boosters formulated from botanical extracts have none of these side effects but have considerably less efficacies.  To be safe, consult with your doctor before using any, especially if you have a history of allergies, suffer from heart disease, hypertension or other medical condition, or are taking prescription drugs that could cause complications.





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