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Proactol Plus™

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3 month - $180.95 (Price per Box : $60.32)

4 month - $228.95 (Price per Box : $57.24) + Free 1 box

5 month - $268.95 (Price per Box : $53.79) + Free 1 Box

6 month - $298.95 (Price per Box : $49.83) + Free 1 Box

8 month - $368.95 (Price per Box : $46.12) + Free 1 Box

12 month - $498.95 (Price per Box : $41.58) + Free 1 Box

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What Is Proactol Plus™?

Proactol Plus is a non-prescriptive diet supplement that helps reduce weight by as much as 28%, by bringing down cholesterol levels and manage your appetite by supressing your food cravings.


Made by a UK-based company Proactol Ltd, Proactol is rated #1 among weight loss products for its effectiveness and consistent quality by both customers and review sites.


It is backed by 8 pre-clinical and clinical studies that have proven the efficacy of its active ingredient as one of the few fat-binding products the help people reduce weight.


Proactol comes in tablet form made from 100% organically grown natural extracts free for allergens, and preservative.


Review On Proactol Plus™

Is Proactol Plus™ Safe?

About the only documented side effects of Proactol Plus are some mild changes in stool consistency. Other than that, Proactol is safe as its natural ingredients have been used in herbal medication for centuries in many cultures.


Having passed the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements as well as the EU Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC), Proactol carries the CE mark of approval for efficacy and safety which only means that consumers can be assured it is safe for consumption while other weight loss supplements do not have regulatory certificates.


It’s also safe for long term use provided you do not exceed the maximum daily dose specified in the label.  While it is safe to consume with other food supplements, because of its binding nature, it is advised that other supplements be taken 2 hours before or after taking Proactol.


Similarly, it is advised that any medication be taken 2 hours before Proactol Plus. In addition, pregnant women and lactating or nursing mothers are cautioned against taking Proactol as no study has been taken to establish any safety profile in women under these sensitive conditions.  





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