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Resveratrol Reviews

What Is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic phytoalexin that is commonly found in red wines, skins of grapes, berries and in about 70 other plant species. It essentially accounted for the French Paradox which allowed the French people longer and healthier lives with less incidences of cardiovascular disease that Americans suffer from consuming the same levels of high fat high calorie diets.


It’s all because they consume wine as part of their daily meals while Americans prefer soda pop.  As a result of extensive media coverage over the last few years, Resveratrol has achieved cult following as a miracle drug that figure in many heal supplements promising anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic and other health promoting virtues.   


While clinical studies have shown its efficacies in most of these claims, they have been done on lab rats or in vitro tissue cultures and little clinical trials on human patients that are independently done or peer-reviewed which can ascertain its therapeutic and health benefits to humans.



How Does Resveratrol Work For Weight Loss?

Resveratrol has been studied as having properties that mimics biochemical effects of calorie restriction. Theses studies have shown that Resveratrol activates the enzyme Sirtuin 1 and PGC-1 to enhance mitochondrial function in cells that promotes fat metabolism at the cellular level and thus, inhibit weight gain.  


Other lab researches have also pointed to its ability to lower cholesterol levels, enhance metabolism and increase stamina which can further boost your ability to undertake a more demanding exercise regimen to burn off unwanted fat. Low doses of Resveratrol in lab rats have been shown to mimic calorie deprivation to as much as 30% of your calorie intake despite consuming high fat diets. This property gives promising indication that Resveratrol can reduce weight without substantially reducing your fat intake.



Is Resveratrol Safe?

Because of scant human trials, neither health benefits nor side effects can be ascertained. Expect to rely mostly on reported complications from the millions that now use diet supplements containing Resveratrol. Even the right doses for humans to benefit from the therapeutic and curative effects observed in lab rats remain a variable.  


Large doses exceeding 500mg per day have been reported to cause headaches and dizziness but not on any significant scale. Because of its known estrogenic properties, Resveratrol is commonly cautioned against pregnant and breast-feeding women and can interfere with oral contraceptives.


As always, prudence in taking any non-prescriptive medication or supplement should be done after consulting with your doctor, especially if you have a history of allergies to artificial and natural substances, have health condition or are taking any prescriptive medication or drug that could be disrupted by it.





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