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Resveratrol Select™

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What Is Resveratrol Select™?

Resveratrol Select is one of the many food supplements riding on the popularity of the Resveratrol as a wonder drug of the 21st century. The substance enjoys numerous clinical tests showing its many anti-aging and health benefits that include improved fat metabolism, energy-boosting qualities and calorie suppression.  


The chemical compound Resveratrol itself has accounted for the healthier longer lives of many Europeans who consume that same high fat calories Americans take in but suffer more cardiovascular diseases.  


It’s because Resveratrol is found in red wines which Europeans drink with their meals instead of soda pop. But the effect is cumulative over the years and you’d need hundreds of red wine bottles to get the same health benefits.  Resveratrol Select captures this wonderful health substance and put the equivalent of 200 bottles of red wide in one capsule.  


In addition to harnessing Resveratrol compounds, Resveratrol Select contains green tea extracts that contains antioxidant catechins as well as chromium, a niacin-based mineral that helps regulate the body’s production and use of sugars, fats and proteins.


Is Resveratrol Select™ Safe?

Resveratrol Select as an herbal medication is generally safe to use. There are no reported side effects for short or long term use. The website disclaims that its content have been evaluated by the FDA and should not be interpreted as a diagnosis or cure for any ailment.


There are no specific cautions indicated on its website except in the terms and condition page with details contained in its Herbal Safety Guidelines applicable to all its products. In general, while Resveratrol is not flagged as a restriction in any of its herbal safety guideline, it is still best to consult with our doctors before taking any supplement or over-the-counter medication.


This is especially if you are taking any prescription medication for any health or medical reason or are pregnant or nursing with child. For more details on the guideline, check out its “Terms, Legal & Herbal Safety Guidelines” link at the bottom of the offcial websitesite.




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