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What Is UniqueHoodia™?

Unique Hoodia bottle

UniqueHoodia is a 100% natural weight loss health food supplement made by Marlia Health which is located in Panama. Each capsule contains 495 mg of the pure unadulterated South African Hoodia Gordini. Notably the ptoduct ingredients also contains 5mg of Bioperine which improves effectiveness by 30%.


This is 60mg more than any Hoodia supplement in the market to make it the most potent Hoodia supplement anywhere. Sealed in a gelatin capsule, the UniqueHoodia contains the P57 compounds that are clinically proven to suppress appetite and calorie intake which translate to better weight management.


Incubationer uses Hoodia form USDA-certified farms harvesting them with steam than irridation, ensuring you the best quality and most potent Hoodia to let you lose weight fast.  


In addition, it racks up a number of certification attesting to its purity. Apart from the USDA Organics Annex Certificate, it has the Certificate of Analysis (COA) that subjects random samples under High Performance Liquid Chemotography (HPLC), considered as genuine proof of a product’s all natural constitution.


Is UniqueHoodia™ Safe?

UniqueHoodia is safe to use as any natural product is, as it is essentially 100% Hoodia Gordini plant in a gelatin capsule.


The website does not indicate any cautionary statements for use by pregnant women or lactating mothers, or even hints at any possible side effects. This may not be an oversight because as a natural product, it couldn’t be any safer the plant from which it was formulated.   


Nonetheless, before taking an over the counter medication or food supplement, it is always a good idea to consult with our doctor, especially if you have a history of allergies against natural or artificial pharmaceutical products or if you are already taking prescriptive medication for any health ailment like hypertension, diabetes or heart disease, to mention some.




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